Style Hunting in London

February 17, 2015

Hey Trendy People,

We're back with a new article about style hunting. Once again, with our faithful camera, we wandered around London, in the cold, in the hopes of finding some really cool people. Well, yes it was freezing but trendy people face winter with style. And, yes we do have pictures to prove it.

We love the urban and geeky vibes of Josh. Simple but efficient. Here at my Green Bag we would accessorize it with The Black City Backpack.

Julie's outfit was a favourite of ours straight away. She looks effortlessly cool and trendy. Oversized scarf and woolen cardigan, jeans jacket on top of a funky polka dots dress, and Doc Martens. A+ style combination. We. Love. It. The Medium Wine Classic Leather Satchel would look perfect with this outfit.

Giovanni, Flynn Ryder look-alike, showed us that a Tartan scarf could make an outfit, and he is rocking these Union Jack Converse. Urban Messenger Bag of ours would be a great addition to that outfit.

We love Jaleesa's coat, so chic. To brighten up the outfit, as well as a smile, she was wearing burgundy red Vans. Kaki and Burgundy is really trendy this season and Jaleesa showcased it in style. Because she admitted loving backpack, we would suggest this one for her: Quilted Leather Backpack.

We found this pair at the Camden Stables Market. It's one thing to stylish but to be stylish with your best friend is much more difficult. However, Harry and Andrew managed it pretty well, don't you think? We found two bags for them, that would compliment their already pretty perfect outfit. The Vintage Office Satchel and The Black Horse.

Juliana knows how to work an oversized mustard scarf, and don't we love it? That outfit is so perfect, it is even hard to describe. Well done, we had a round of applause for you at My Green Bag. We think our Tan Leather Doctor Bag would be a great addition to the look.

We photographed Mark in of London's Trade Mark, Camden Lock. His simple outfit: well tailored coat and Doc Martens works so well. We can suggest to add our Flight Backpack/Satcheand here you go, outfit: done.

We fell in love with the gorgeous Tilly and her vintage style. She confessed being a bit of a vintage addict, and to be fair we're not complaining. Her bag is already really pretty but unfortunately it's quite unique. However here at My Green Bag we can offer an alternative: Hand-Stitched Hip Satchel.

Whilst walking around Camden Market we came across these lovely boys. Their style is quite preppy and we thought it could go really well with some of our designs. The Blue Square Flight Bag and the Brown City Backpack.

I really hope you enjoyed discovering new trends and that our fashion advice inspired you.

Stay trendy!

MGB xx


Valentine's Day Style Hunting

February 13, 2015

Hey there Lovebirds,

Here at My Green Bag we feel really excited for Valentine's Day. To celebrate in style we've been out of the office to get some pretty pictures of trendy couples in London. Armed with a camera and a smile, we asked passers-by to show us their best poses. Here is a sample of our favourites. 

We love their laidback style, both in neutral colours but never boring. And they got their serious model faces on, how cute is that?

We are loving the Boho-Chic style going on with the hat and the big scarf of Lisa. Lucas' style is really playful with some bits of coulours, that we are craving for during Winter time. 

We snapped this lovely couple inside Covent Garden. We thought they represented My Green Bag fashion very well. We can very well picture our Turquoise Small Leather Saddle Bag with the beautiful beige coat of Makiko.

Last but not least, this lovely couple from Cardiff gave us a real lesson of style. We think our Quilted Leather Backpack would be their perfect accessory.

We hope these pictures gave us a few styling inspiration and we wish a very happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy it with style!

MGB xxx


Anyone can wear a bow!

February 12, 2015

Today, we decided to tell you a little more about Emma, the creator of “Beau Tie”: a very British brand who creates amazing bow ties for all occasions. She has recently been on an interview with us telling us about her brand, her secrets and her inspirations. 

On which platforms do you sell your products?
I sell through Etsy mainly, but I'm also on The Lost Lanes and of course MGB.

Do you have a physical shop?
I don't, but I do have a couple of stockists; Roullier White in London (a lifestyle boutique), and HeyDay in Vienna (a wedding shop).

How would you describe your brand?
Classically British with a luxury feel.

How did you find the name of your brand?
I felt that I wanted to use the word 'Beau' because of its meaning, and for the play on words Beau tie/bow tie

Why did you chose a half French brand name although you create very British products?
Although the word Beau is French, its meaning feels very relevant to my brand. Beau: a fashionable young man.

How do you target your customers?
Largely through social media. I am a huge fan of Instagram because it's pretty much just based on visuals and I feel that's a strong point for me. My work is very visual, especially certain printed fabrics! I love to show 'in the making' and 'behind the scenes' shots. I think it's also good to show the face behind the brand so customers can see that I'm just an ordinary person, who happens to make bow ties for a living! It makes it more relatable and builds a sense of trust.

Where do you find your inspirations?
I find inspiration everywhere. My Favourite part of my job is perusing charity shops to spot vintage treasures which I can turn into a beautiful bow tie. I love spending time in fabric shops too. I also found that talking to like-minded fellow business owners at events and markets is always a great way to gain new insights and ideas.

What do you prefer in British fashion?
There is so much I love about British fashion: The bravery to experiment and be expressive, mixing vintage with high street, and also the minimal approach too. This is all a strong inspiration for me and whenever I visit London I'm constantly walking around with my eyes wide open to see the 'street styles' around me.

Do you think that your creations reflect the British fashion?
Most definitely, particularly in reference to vintage finds and creations; the tweeds, the English rose florals and the Liberty print cottons.

Do you think that everyone can wear a bow?
I think anyone can wear a bow tie, but it's a matter of confidence. If you're comfortable wearing it, then it will always look fabulous!

Do you create bows and ties for special occasions?
Yes. I have made special requests for black tie events, birthday/Christmas/anniversary gifts and proms. My biggest requests are custom orders for weddings, which have become more and more frequent as I've built my business. It's wonderful to be a part of someone's big day, and to see the photos starring my products too! That's a big honour.

Which bow represents your brand the most?
A vintage velvet one because it's classic, but luxury and can have a fun colour too!

If you are as enthusiastic by her bows that we are, do not hesitate to see the rest of her beautiful collection on My Green Bag Website because after all, anyone can wear a bow tie!



Valentine's Day

January 30, 2015

Valentine's Day is near. Some people love it, some people dread it. And every year, the same question again: what to get him/her?
Sigh no more my friends, here at My Green Bag we have got the perfect gift ideas for you. Everyone needs a new bag and we have so many for you to pick. What about you pick one of these lovely bags and fill it with some lovely trinkets. It would be a sort of care package that you could use again. A beautiful bag, that you get to keep, filled with flowers, chocolates and lovely cards.
Imagine what it would be to be given a bag full of surprises...

To celebrate, here at My Green Bag, we did a special photo shoot with our gorgeous models, red balloons, and beautiful bags. You are not ready for the cuteness you are about to see.

hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures and that you are looking forward to Valentine's Day. And remember these bags are great bags for your other half, but if you are single, you also have to treat yourself!

See you later, lovebirds.

MGB xx


Colorado Craft Chic

January 26, 2015

We've been selling the beautiful bags of Marianela Booker “Mara” the brilliant mind behind Colorado Craft Chic for a long time and we thought it was about time to share with you an interview in which she reveals a bit about her creative process. It turns out she was really enthusiastic about it and I hope you will find that as inspiring as we did. Let's now travel with her all the way to the beautiful state of Colorado and begin the interview.

1) Does your location (“the beautiful mountains of Colorado”) influence your work in any ways?

Yes, from my workroom where I make all my handbags I have an awesome view of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Being surrounded by such beauty makes it easy for me to be reminded each day why I choose to use Vegan and Eco-friendly supplies to make my handbags.   

2) If you only had the choice of having one bag for the rest of your life, what kind of bag would it be and why?

Wow, that's a hard question to answer. I love all the bags I create in fact each time I make a new bag I have to tell myself that its for inventory and I cant keep it. However, I love the simplicity of a slouchy shoulder bag. I actually made one for myself and I have carried that bag for over a year. Its easy to sling over the shoulder, its big enough to hold all my essentials and its black Vegan suede with a green camouflage lining, what more could a woman want?  

3) When you create your bags do you create them because you can imagine yourself using them or do you picture your friends or family with these bags?

I get ideas for my bags from so many things but ultimately I want my bags to be useful and trendy. My craft is still evolving but I do try to put myself in the end users shoes and think about what would make the bag more useful to them. For instance, in the beginning I only made a few bags with inner pockets, now all my bags have pockets and some of my more recent bags are being made with tons of pocket space.

4)What would be the perfect model to represent your brand?

I think ultimately my own retail web site would be the best model but for now I've just concentrated on getting my bags visible and the best way to do that is to display them where I believe they will get the most visibility.

5)On which platform do you sell your products ?

I currently sell my bags on Etsy, My Green Bag and on consignment in a local Erie, CO shop. Occasionally, I will participate in local arts and craft sales.

6) Do you have a physical shop or do you only sell online?

I currently sell most of my bags online. However, I just placed a few bags in a local Erie, CO shop. I'm hoping to place a few of my bags in some local shop in Boulder, CO over the summer months.

7) You create a lot of bags with vegan leather, is that something important to you?

Vegan and Eco-friendly material is important to me because of variety but its more important to my targeted customers because of its ecological impact. I don't personally have anything against the use of genuine leather, I choose to use Vegan because I've found that I can get a larger variety of colors, styles and textures by using Vegan, cottons and synthetics interchangeably.

8)You have different bags specific to certain celebrations such as Valentines Day and Halloween, do you plan to do other similar collections?  

I tried a few design ideas, some worked out well while others didn't. I think targeting a special holiday might work for other types of products but maybe not so well for handbags. I think Valentines Day and Halloween might be the only two holidays that I would ever create future bags for. Hearts aren't necessarily meant to be used on Valentines Day and skulls and crossbones aren't necessarily used for Halloween alone.

Here, at My Green Bag, we love the idea and being trendy and practical. Indeed, we want to be fashionable but we don't want to sacrifice the fact of carrying all of our essentials with us. Luckily with Colorado Craft Chic no more of that dilemma. You can go and check out these bags on My Green Bag Website, after all who doesn't need a new handbag?

MGB xxx


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